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How does it Work

Resolve your Dispute within 30 or 90 Days and move on!
The .NYSAA is a 30 or 90 days binding process that allows the parties in a dispute to resolve and obtain an award within either 30 days or 90 days on average in a confidential fashion avoiding more exposure and mediatic spread of the issues at stakes. After the Payment of a flat fee required to start a case and allocated toward the hours of the arbitrators/mediators to be appointed, shortly after filing the Claimant will receive an Index # NYSAA Case Number. The Index Number will be issued only if the Claimant has substantiated the documentations demonstrating the voluntary or mandatory NYSAA arbitration provision with the New York Strategic Arbitration Alternative Inc.

In regular case (unless expedited 30 days procedure is requested by all parties, for amount up to $250,000) once an Index number is received the Claimant will have 15 days to serve respondent from the date he filed his Claims on our automated system through our Go platform. Once Respondent is served, the Respondent will need to reply to the claim and may file a counter claim as well. In the event Responded counter claim is above $250,000 the process will be automatically re-defined as a 90 business days procedure. Unless the Neutral deemed it to be frivolous or made to deflect from the 30 business days time line at the discretion of the Neutral.

Upon filing all documentation and no later than 30 days from service, the parties will choose one to three neutrals from our exclusive list of NYSAA Arbitrators (note that a lawyer is mandatory if an entity is a party and an admitted lawyer is always recommended). All processes are confidential and secured through our secured site. The parties will provide their exchanged documents and have a preliminary hearing with the president of the neutrals appointed, by the 70th day of the process the hearing will take place and no later than the 80th day from the start of the dispute, it is anticipated that the parties have submitted their briefs sustaining their claims and positions after the hearings for the neutrals(s) review. Within 10 business days, the NYSAA, through its arbitrators, will issue an award and written decision supporting its award. Attorneys can file a notice with the court to enforce the binding Award at that time.

Above $250,000 90 days procedure

  1. Claimant Serves Respondent Claimant Serves Respondent (After Claimant obtained an Index Number it has 15 Days to serve Re4spondent with 2 copies in order for the 90 days clock start ticking from the date of valid service).

    15 days
  2. Arbitration Selection Arbitration Selection (after respondent serve within 15 days from service receipt all parties will select one or three arbitrators.)

    30 days
  3. Preliminary Hearing Preliminary Hearing (form the Preliminary hearing till the date of the Hearing the parties are allowed to mediate with the NYSAA selected mediator)

    40 days
  4. Information Exchange Information Exchange (Discovery process and all papers filed.)

    60 days
  5. Hearings Hearings (1 to 3 neutrals up to about 5 days max of hearings for due process)

    70 days
  6. Post Hearing Submission Post Hearing Submission (the attorneys will file their conclusions and case for the Arbitrator with case law and rulings to be reviewed by the Arbitrator(s))

    80 days
  7. Award/Decision Award (the Neutral(s) will issue a binding decision within 90th business day.)

    90 days

Upto $250,000 30 days procedure

  1. Claimant Serves Respondent Claimant Serves Respondent (Service of process is also up to 15 days from the date the claimant filed its expedited arbitration process. However the clock for the 30 days procedure starts from the date Respondent Filed its response which must be submitted within 5 days from service.)

    5 days
  2. Arbitration Selection Arbitration Selection ( day 5) (once respondent filed its response in expedited procedure the NYSAA will discretionary select unilaterally one Neutral)

    15 days
  3. Information Exchange Information and Exhibits (all briefs must be filed and all supporting exhibits with it.)

    20 days
  4. Hearings Hearing (hearing is to be held no longer than 2 days)

    30 days
  5. Award/Decision Award (Binding decision)

    30 days

What is NYSAA?

The New York Strategic Arbitration Alternative Inc. “NYSAA” is a confidential, rapid, and binding alternative to litigation and expensive ADR forums like the JAMS or AAA.

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The NYSAA facilitates the settlement process efficiently and securely by organizing your data, communications and results.

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