“When will mankind be convinced and agree to settle their difficulties by arbitration?”

-Benjamin Franklin


What is the New York Strategic Arbitration Alternative, Inc. – NYSAA

After practicing law for decades, witnessing the disarray of our judicial system, a group of industry experts, retired Judges and lawyers have decided to launch a unique platform, resolving disputes in a binding, cost-effective fast paste and confidential manner.

With the internet age and social media, anonymity is gone out the window, and too many cases are brought back to haunt people or companies in a negative light whether you prevail or lost.

Litigation via the court systems end up exposing an array of information about your business, your life or issues that you would have preferred to have kept confidential, and often it ends up being exploited against your company or yourself individually by an opposing lawyer or worse the press.

The last frontier of industry disruption is our judicial system!

The NYSAA intend to pioneer justice and reform it through its 30 days and/or 90 days binding confidential arbitration formula.

While the criminal system warrants the use of our courts system, and jury trials, most commercial or civil dispute should not be brought into courts for multiple reasons. To cite a few as follow:

First the courts are clogged and bureaucratized thus, jammed and it often takes years to resolve a simple dispute.

Second the judges are not always competent in the subject matter at stake (e.iCrypto or Blockchain Exchange,  listing agreements, Cannabis industry customs, the “handshake” custom based Diamond industry, issue btw B2C Real Estate Broker’s fees, or B2B Finder’s Fees or even simple Airline Customer Disputes are some of those examples…).

Judges may too often shoot decision from the hip because of time constrains or lack of in depth understanding in the specific issue at stake. While NYSAA industry experts,  retired judges, top experienced practicing lawyers or even our religious and community leaders acting as arbitrators or mediators are by far more efficient in helping either settle or adjudicate a fair verdict based on his/her industry insight or just because it takes the time to study the issue and industry in the dispute at stake.

Third, it is costly and time consuming with an obsolete unnecessary grueling rule of evidence and procedures.

Finally, even alternative dispute resolution like the AAA average time is more than 11 months to come up with an award.

How does it work?

NYSAA is a 30 to 90 days binding process that allows the parties in a dispute to resolve and obtain an award within 90 days in a confidential fashion avoiding more exposure and mediatic spread of the issues at stake.

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Tech, Support, & Fees

The NYSAA facilitates the settlement process efficiently and securely by organizing your data, communications and results.

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